Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Delphi File Management Routines

Delphi comes with a number of routines, defined in the SysUtils Unit, to help you work with files.

In this example, I will go over some common routines and some less known ones. I will cover how to:
  • Read and change File Date and Time Stamps
  • Access and change the File Attributes (Example: Make a file read-only or hidden)
  • Extract the File Name from a path
  • Extract the Directory from a path
  • Extract and change the File Extension
  • Rename and move files
  • Determine and change the current active directory
  • Delete a file
  • Test for a valid file or directory
  • Search for files (or partial file names) recursively from a given path
  • Determine the Date and Time for:
    • When a file was created
    • When a file was last accessed
    • When a file was last updated
  • Use recursive coding
  • Use while-you-wait animation
To read the full explanation and download the accompanying code, click on:

How To Manage Your Files With Delphi

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